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SPLASH!: rather than listing the many bathhouse movies Robert Boggs has made over the years, let's just say that this fifth AYOR release derives directly from the central episode in AQUA CLUB (2004, Pacific Sun), a jacuzzi 3way featuring Chad Driver, with Devon Donis and Tad Harrison, and shot in the same resort used for scenes 1, 2, 4 & 5 of SPLASH!, a popular aqua park in Liberec, north of Prague. That brilliant scene uses the same idea of moving from a public space where it is difficult to have more than stolen kisses (Genadij however shows us, and Chad, that you can show much more!) to a more restricted area where the hottest sex will occur, and exploits the same sense of athletic horsing around inextricably mixed with gay lust and tenderness. This year's movie is based on a group of friends, who go spend whole afternoons in one of the many aqua parks and/or spa resorts available in Prague and elsewhere in the country, and which are particularly popular during the cold and damp winter months. They play in the water, they laugh and splash and are just happy to be together. It's remarkable, however, that everything begins with Denis feeling moody and lonely, and leaving his two mates. So, new encounters do occur, as in scene 1 or 7, but mostly it's friends playing together and enjoying each other in all possible ways. The fact that scenes 5 & 6 are "oral only" is just one example of this diversity. And scene 6 in particular, rematching Denis and Matias, so good together in scene 1, is a great instance of "practice makes perfect" or "nothing like the second time around". Beside the most welcome return of Brock and Chad to the fold, this is the film that revealed Genadij Prokov in all his glory.
Scene 1: Sauna Sex

Movie Length: 9 minutes, 41 secs

Lets start this full lengh DVD off with two new friends meeting each other. Denis was looking to have some quiet time in the sauna when he was spotted jacking off. Thankfully this interruption was welcomed and turns into a hot (literally) fuck session. A great first scene to warm you guys up as well.

Scene 2: Shower Threesome

Movie Length: 22 minutes, 3 secs

After hour of playing around in the pool these boys need to clean up and head home..... time to hit the showers. There are some red speedos worn in the first 5 seconds of the clip but these guys strip down immediately and are more than happy to shower nude. Three hot young guys nude in a shower and what else can you expect but cocks to rise. Once cocks are at full mast.... well you can see what happens.

Scene 3: Lockerroom Introduction

Movie Length: 16 minutes, 42 secs

These two guys have mutual friends but are meeting for the first time in the lockerroom. You can tell things aren't going to be very PG-Rated when the guy in the red speedos has a boner before the scene even beings. A little bit of fucking in this clip but lots and lots of oral and the gorgeous guy with the curly blond hair (Brock) cums from an old fashioned hand job finish.

Scene 4: Fun to Fucking
Movie Length: 23 minutes, 59 secs
Horsing around in the hottub turns into some cock sucking, which then turns into some jacuzzi threesome action. These three guys are hot, smooth and 18yo to 20yo. Definitely my favourite scene thus far in Splash!!!

Scene 5: Orgy Time
Movie Length: 11 minutes, 7 secs
This scene was not originally planned and it just turned out that we had all four guys on set early one morning. Instead of shooting what we had planned, we just let the guys chill out and see where things go. Mostly a JO film but there is a little oral sex in there as well.

Scene 6: Shower Monitor
Movie Length: 8 minutes, 11 secs
Denis (from Scene 1 and 4) is pretending to be the shower monitor. There isn't any dialogue but it turns out that Denis needs to be serviced and the cute blond who walks out of the shower seems to be the obvsious candidate. A handjob and oral only movie that features two really cute guys.

Scene 7: Lockerroom Pickup
Movie Length: 21 minutes, 56 secs

I've picked up in the lockerroom before (read about it in the stories section) and this is exactly what this scene is all about. Michael and Adam start making out in the lockerroom MIchael is naked and cums all over Adam's chest before they decide to head home. At home it is all about head as well... Enjoy this last scene from Splash guys.

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