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Red Speedo Pickup
Author - 'Josh'

I have a WRX hatch, 2005 model. I was on the way home and feeling horny. So I went past one of Adelaide’s gay pickup haunts. I stopped at the cliff tops, no one else was about. So just sat on the bonnet of my car, I took my shirt off before I got out of the car. I had my low cut jeans on so they sit just above the bass of my cock. I had my small red Speedos on, there so fuckin small. I’ve had them since I was twelve. So they barely cover anything. But there hot. I had my thumbs throw my jeans belt loops. So if anyone came they’d know I was up for it.

After about ten minutes a car rolled up.

This guy got out, about thirty years old. He came over to me. Hi he said, I said hi back. You eighteen boy? He gestured towards the P plates on my car. Yep sure am. I replied. I got up off the car bonnet. Moving towards him, He offered me a fifty from his pocket. I don’t want to fuck you just play with you, that ok, he asked. Sure I said. He put one of his fingers throw one of the loops on my jeans leading me towards his car.

I got into the passenger seat. I took my shoes off. Jeans too he said. I did as he asked.

Sit on the centre consul; I did as he told me.

He went straight for the front of my Speedos. Pulling them out so he could look down them, Sweet Jesus he said. No hair. You shave boy?

 He pushed me back I feel onto the seat with my head against the arm rest. My arse was still on the consul. He started to play with my cock, I moaned a little. But he stopped and started jerking off. He came with in a minute. Blowing his load all over my Speedos,

He bent forward and licked his cum of them, but not all of it. He pulled them off me and tossed them onto my face. You finish it boy. I sucked on them as he started to pull on my cock. I was hard as. But Just as I was just about to cum he stopped. I said come on I was nearly there.

Not yet boy, can I finger that you. Yep sure can. But he only got it in for a second before I came. I still was sucking the cum off my Speedos. Can I have your Speedos boy. Yep sure can but its gunna cost you another 20, He willingly handed it over.


.....THE END
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