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Guy from the Pool
Author - 'Speedo Stories Forum'

I noticed him as I approached the empty lane next to his, either naturally bronzed or well tanned after a summer away. Either he had no tan line or a beautiful speedo tan line.

He was fast, knew the butterfly and had dark blond hair that had lightened with sun and chlorine to help. I jumped in and started my routine. There was no way I could keep up with him. He must have been in his 20’s and probably swam with the university team. As I did my laps, I caught glimpses of his tan line, barely visible underneath his tight black speedo. His speed made me work harder and I was making good time with my sets of 500s. I certainly tried to watch as much as I could while trying to focus somewhat on my technique. He was completely smooth, except for a treasure trail. It was very hard to keep focused on my routine, especially when he was resting between sets, facing me. I could have easily bumped into the wall from gawking at him and not the lane markers.

As I approached the end of the lane, he got out of the pool and swaggered away. I took a break to take it all in. Just before he disappeared into the locker room, he turned back and smirked in my direction.

I didn’t see him for a while. Then the following week, I saw him again. He had the same suit, still very tanned. I lucked out and had the lane next to his lane. At one point, we were both breaking at the same time. I could not tell what he was looking at because he had on reflective goggles. He could just as easily been looking at the clock. I kept going on with my workout but still watching him.

Later on, we were breaking again. He spoke to me, “I am sorry to intrude on your workout but I saw that you are doing something that could use correcting.” I was caught off guard but replied “By all means, any input helps”. I confessed that I never swam with a team and have not had formal instruction in years. He went through a description of arm movements and watched me make a couple of approaches. He was very helpful and I was grateful. Again, he soon finished, climbed out of the pool and waved goodbye when I was midway down the lane.

A couple of days later it was a Sunday and quiet at the pool. He was already swimming when I arrived. I watched his bulge as we swam at our independent rhythms. His cock tended to point upward in his suit but moved around a bit. His suit was pretty tight and I did not think there was much freedom for movement. Once when I was doing my flip turn, he grabbed himself and adjusted his bulge. It was innocent enough. Later on, we were breaking at the same time. We started talking again. He took off his goggles and hung over the lane divider. He was very talkative and smiling, seemed a little jittery. I was leaning on the lane divider a few feet away, also nervous. At one point, he touched my shoulder. We talked about technique, he told me his name was Logan. He moved into my lane to demonstrate something. He then had me repeat it but guided me with a gentle lift at the sternum, brushing along my side and then a gentle push between the shoulder blades. It took everything to pay attention and not get hard in my suit. I also was in a black speedo and had no way of hiding anything. As he was coaching, I did notice his bulge had moved around, possibly grown.

A few minutes later, I could clearly see that he had a partial erection as the head of his cock was just below the waistband of his suit. My cock was stirring, was not erect but swollen in my suit. As we were talking at the wall, his bulge and my knee briefly met. He smiled, muttered something and said he needed to get going. He hopped out of the water and carried the kickboard to hide his bulge. I was not quite done but knew an opportunity when I saw one. I got out and went towards the showers.

He was not there, so I took a piss and allowed my cock to calm down a bit. I returned to the showers and started to stretch under the warm water.

He came in, took the shower next to me and started talking again. There were a couple of guys in but were gone in a few minutes. I could not help but stare at his body when he turned away. He asked to borrow some soap. I had a bottle of body wash and squirted some into his hands. I took off my suit, turned down the water temperature to fight any erection. I had a nice speedo tan line and had shaved my balls and pubes. When I turned towards him, I caught him staring at my cock. I started to get hard and he knew I was interested.

He still had his suit on but it was strained by his cock. It was now pointed to the side, and laying across his thigh. I looked straight at it and did not pretend to ignore it. I then looked at his face and smiled. He turned away quickly and uttered “but, I”.

At that moment someone else entered the shower. I turned towards the corner to hide my hard on. I was fully erect.

He got out of the shower and headed to the team locker room. I sprayed myself with very cold water, rinsed out my suit and went for my towel to dry off. I saw no sign of him and lingered a little but figured he was long gone.

A couple of weeks go by I never see him. I go for a swim on the afternoon of Labor day and end up a couple of lanes from him. He is sharing a lane with 2 women, probably teammates. Otherwise, it is dead at the pool. We exchange glances but I don’t approach. I do my routine and get out. He is still well into his workout. I head for the showers and take a long hot shower.

I was still in my suit when someone hugged me from behind.

He whispered into my ear that he has never done this before. He was still grasping me snuggly and his bulge was growing right into the crack of my ass. I told him to relax. I turned around, held his chin, told him how beautiful he was and kissed him. It was a quick kiss, he was a little freaked out, looked around to see if anyone was around. He said that he can’t do this here. I understood and we agreed to meet outside the building. I followed him to his apartment then he asked if we could go to my place.

We walked together and talked about everything but sex, being gay. After a while, he got comfortable and started opening up. He joined the swim team because he hot off watching swimmers and divers during the Olympics. I confessed that it was the same for me.

We got to my place and it was he who suggested that we strip down, put on speedos and get in the shower.

My pants were down in seconds, so were his. Underneath, he already had on a pair of navy blue speedos. They were a little worn but it was a technical suit and it could not hide his raging hard on nor the huge spot of precum oozing from his cock. We went into my room. I opened my drawer of speedos. He was so excited to see them all. I told him to pick out a pair. He took them all out and spread them on my bed. I found one just like his but black with a band of red around the top. I stripped and put the suit on but my cock could not stay inside, instead it poked out the top, sticking straight up.

I caressed his chest. He admitted that he had laser hair removal all over his chest and legs. I have never seen his cock outside of his suit but felt his cock, enjoying it with the smoothness of the material. We began to kiss and hold each other close. Our bulges were rubbing against each others. I grabbed his ass cheeks with both hands, rubbed the back of his legs, the small of his back. He groaned and did the same to me. I stopped, told him we needed to get in the shower and we did.

Once in the shower, his hands were all over my body.

We did not kiss much at first but then we did passionately. I began to kiss his chest, suck on his nipples and kiss my way down his stomach. I caressed his stomach muscles where they met the top of his suit. I grabbed his bulge and massaged his balls and stroked his cock. I untied his suit and started to pull it down. I was surprised to see that he was cleanly shaven. I commented on his smoothness. I confessed that he tried something new, the he-wax. It was the men’s version of the Brazilian and was a total turn on for me.

As I was about to pull his suit down, he pulled me upward.

His turn, he sucked on my cock through my suit. He rubbed my balls, stroked behind my balls and I moaned in approval. He pulled my suit down, snapped the waistband against my balls, apologized and then had my suite around my ankles. Seeing this beauty on his knees was so hot for me. He stroked my cock with his hand, and apologized that he had never sucked a cock. I offered to show him, just like he trained me in the pool.

I got on my knees, sucked on the head of his cock through the suit while massaging his balls. I rubbed the inside of his thighs and then pulled the suit down. His cock popped out and stood up. He was about 8 or 9 inches by now, cut and had a nice set of balls. It was no wonder that he had such a nice bulge in the pool.

I took the head of his cock, touched it with the tip of my tongue and then engulfed it. He let out a loud “Ohh!” and I knew he was enjoying it. I coached a little between mouthfuls but just worked on his cock. I also rubbed behind his balls and more towards his ass. He clenched when I rubbed his hole and I knew not to try again now.

He pulled me up and started sucking my cock. He did pretty well. I told him to do what he liked when he jerked off or got sucked off by a woman.

After a few minutes, I was close to cumming but rather than finish, I motioned for him to stand up. I turned off the shower and dried both of us off. I brought him in to the bedroom, pulled back the covers and had him lay down.

I started to suck him off again and then swung around so that my cock was hanging over his face. He got the idea and began to suck on my cock. After a few minutes he started to moan and I knew he was close.

I moved around got on top of him and began to stroke our cocks together. I grabbed some Stroke 29 masturbation crème and lubed both of our cocks. After a few strokes, it becomes oil-like and felt amazing.

He said he was going to cum and I knew I was close too.

.....THE END
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