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Fucking Chris
Author Adrian

Adrian is a 20yo Bisexual Aussie guy living in Melbourne. When Adrian isn't at uni he is paragliding which he hopes to be able to do 'semi-professionally' - way more fun than his Law Degree.

It had been a while since the last time Chris and I met up (click hear to read about the first time). We got chatting online one day and, both horny, decided that we should meet up again. After logging offline, I quickly got changed into a tight pair of black speedos, then threw on a pair of boardies over the top of them and drove the fifteen minutes to his house.

After arriving, I walked up to his front door and knocked, my cock already stirring slightly, just at the thought of what we were about to do. No one answered the door, and I noticed that although the screen door was closed, the front door behind it was ajar. I smiled as I remembered last time how Chris had left the door open for me to find him in the shower.

I opened the screen door and pushed the front door aside, stepping inside. It wasn’t quite the same as the first time we had done this, for I had met him this time and wasn’t walking into a complete strangers house, yet it still gave me an exhilarating buzz! All the doors leading off from the hallway were closed. I couldn’t hear a shower running this time, so I thought maybe Chris was hiding somewhere else. My chest felt tight- half excitement, half nervousness. I could feel my now hard cock straining against the tight lycra of my speedos.

I opened the first door to my right, stepped in and looked around. Chris wasn’t in there. I walked across the hall to the door opposite the one I had just opened and turned the handle. I opened the door and smiled at what I saw.

In the corner of the room was a single lounge chair, and in it was sitting Chris, in nothing but a tight pair of blue speedos, the outline of his hard cock clearly visible through the blue lycra.

I walked over to him, neither of us said anything, just smiled. I leant over and kissed him, then ran my tongue down his neck, along his pecs and over the outline of his cock. I lightly kissed the outline of his shaft through his speedos, caressing his balls through the tight lycra. He put his hands under my arms and pulled me up, making me stand up. He undid the string on my boardies and they dropped away, leaving my tight black speedos and my (quite visible) hard on. I pulled off my shirt then sat down in his lap, facing him, my legs spread over his. I kissed him long and hard and as I did, I reached my hand down into his speedos and pulled out his long, thick cock, slowly rubbing it, pulling back his foreskin and rubbing his head with my fingers, using his precum as lube.I slid back down and put his cock into my mouth, flicking my tongue over his head, sliding my lips up, down and over his shaft.

After a minute he stood me up and got down on his knees, pulling my cock out of my speedos and dropping them to my knees. He put his soft lips over my head, circled it for a while then deep throated my cock, my head pushing against the walls of his throat. I thrust my pelvis into his face, fucking his face hard! I fucked his face for a while before he stood up, grabbed me by my cock and led me into his bedroom.

He layed on the bed and I lowered myself ontop of him, my cock rubbing against his stomach. We body-to-bodied for a while, as I was kissing him and sliding my cock against him, my cock got caught in his butt cheeks, pushing against his hole.

We stayed like this for a while until we rolled over and I ended up on the bottom. He was sitting on my stomach and I was jerking his cock. He moved himself back wards a little so he was directly over my cock, and lifted it up, teasing it between his but cheeks, my cock rubbing against the inside of his cheeks, poking against his hole, then he started to lower himself down.

My cock was slippery from lube, so his tight hole didn’t resist it. He lowered himself down and I could feel my cock going deeper into his tight hole. He kept going until he was sitting down on me, my cock deep inside him. We both moaned as he started to move himself up and down and as I fucked his arse. We didn’t last long from all the playing we had been doing and before long, he was cumming.

As he started to cum, I jerked his cock harder and his warm, cum spurted all over my chest and pecs, covering me in his juice. As he came and clenched his hole, which caused me to cum. As he was covering my chest in his cum, I gasped and moaned as his but gripped my cock and I came in his arse, my warm cum filling his tight hole. He collapsed ontop of me, my cock still inside him, kissing me as he lay ontop of me.


.....THE END
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