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Cornered by the Swim Champ
Author - Unknown

I was a junior in college and, to pick up some extra cash, I worked as a lifeguard at the school's pool.

There was this hot new freshman swimmer at the school who had just broken like 5 records at states the week before. I was working the closing shift one night when he came in. He was clean shaven all over, except for his luscious blonde hair, which he swore he would never shave. He was wearing a pair of tangerine colored Speedos that were tight but had been worn enough that there was just a little give. He got in and started doing laps.

Two hours later, everyone else had left, and it was 15 minutes after closing. I didn't mind though. I just sat back and watched until he got out and went into the locker room. I turned off all the lights and locked up the doors in the pool, then went into the locker room to get changed. I locked the door behind me. Then I went over to my locker and took my shirt off. Just then he stepped out of the shower, glistening with water, his speedos still clinging to him, showing of every inch and curve. I told him I would unlock the door for him so he could get out and he walked over to his gym bag. He leaned over, and as I walked to the door, all that I could see was his firm ass covered in his speedo. As I walked past, I just couldn't resist and casually brushed against it with my hand. Then, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and he said "Don't bother unlocking the door".

Then he ran his hand down my arm and held my hand. He slowly moved it around his waist and placed it right on his ass. "I believe that's what you meant to do" he said. I stood speechless. Then he placed his finger in the knot on my bathing suit. "And this is what I mean to do". Then he quickly pulled the string. He pushed me against the wall and began kissing my nipple. He started biting it, and then slowly began to move his tongue down my chest, down my stomach. He ended on his knees. His speedo still clinging to him. His knees on the hard, wet, rough concrete, scraping them. His tongue slowly made its way down to my dick. I was already throbbing. So he wrapped his mouth around, although the way around and began to suck. He put his hand around my balls. Then I felt his one finger reach around and force it's way into my asshole. It hurt like nothing I'd ever felt before, and I loved it. Right before I came, he pulled away and let it splash him in the face.

Then he stood up, put my hand right on his package, and hooked my finger into his speedo. Then he told me to sit down on the bench. As I lowered myself, his speedo slid off. Then he grabbed me and spun me so that I was straddling the bench. He took the speedo from my hand and put it over my head, sticking the waist in my mouth. Then he drew the string on it as tight as possible so that I couldn't see, couldn't get it off, couldn't even talk. Just scream. He pushed me to the end of the bench, then put his hand around the back of my neck and pushed me over, grabbing my whistle as he did. In one quick movement, he had my two hands wrapped up around the leg of the bench so that I couldn't get up. "Now it's my turn,” he said. Then he shoved his long, hard cock inside of me. It was so big it could hardly go. And no matter how much I screamed, he just pushed harder until I think it was absolutely impossible for my ass to be spread any wider. Then he began to pump. It burned and it hurt and seemed to go on forever. I sat there helplessly, screaming but secretly hoping it would never end.

Finally I felt his cum fill up inside of me and he pulled out. Without a word. He threw on a shirt and shorts, grabbed his bag and my key from my locker, opened the door and walked out without even a word.

.....THE END
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