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Brad, Will and I - 3hrs of Fucking

I’ll start this story from the beginning….

Over the last 3 weeks or more I’ve been talking to this guy,  Brad,  online.  Just shooting emails back and forward.  Brad is 29yo and is hot.  He sounds like a nice guy and he has been working in the snow industry for the last 5 years or so and is settling down.

So when I got the email from Brad saying that he was coming over to my resort I knew things were going to get hot.

Brad came over on Wednesday morning and I met him outside his hotel.  We went riding for the day and just hanging out.  I had some work to do that afternoon so after riding all day we parted ways and agreed to meet up at the main bar in town around 8pm.  Now I wasn’t planning on bringing my roommate Will but as I was getting ready to head out just before 8pm Will said that he was heading out as well.

It ended up the three of us having a few drinks and it was pretty quiet at the bar.  After a big day on the snow it wasn’t going to be too late a night so around 10pm we decided to head back to Brad’s place for another couple of drinks.

As we walked the 100 meters to Brad’s hotel I was getting really horny thinking about what was about to happen.  I was a little worried about how Will would take it since I’m the only guy he has really been with.  Through our emails I had explained to Brad what Will and I had been getting upto – no anal yet but lots of kissing and sucking and I haven’t given Will a rim job which he loved.

Walking into Brad’s hotel room I couldn’t hold it back anymore.  I jumped on Brad and starting kissing him.  I could only imagine what poor Will was thinking – I hadn’t told him that I knew Brad was gay.

Our two interlocking bodies moved from the wall to the bed and by the time I was on my back on the bed my shirt was already off.

Will was just kinda standing there watching the show when I told him to get his cute little arse in the bed.  Not only did Will take off his shirt but he stripped off his jeans to reveal a pair of black speedos – ow yeah I love this guy.  Brad was doing the same to me – I was wearing my black speedos with ‘speedo’ written on the back of them in yellow.  My cargos were off just as Will jumped into the bed.  Now the only thing left was to remove Brad’s pants.  Between Will and I Brad’s jeans were off within a couple of seconds and to my surprise Brad was wearing a pair of red speedos (the same ones in his pictures).

Over the next 3 hours the three of us did just about everything – I can’t quite remember the exact order but here are some snapshots of what we got upto:

  • Me on my back with Will sitting on my face as I lick his arse while out of my line of sight Brad sucks my cock.
  • Me being in the middle of an anal sex sandwich.  All three of us were on our knees,  my cock in Brad’s arse,  and at the same time Will’s cock in my arse.  I lasted about 2 minutes in this position and it was my first (of 4) orgasms for the night.
  • Will lying on his back with Brad straddling his chest while I was behind Brad giving him a handjob.  Brad then unloading all over Will’s face and then the two of them kissing.
  • Brad having his arse fucked by Will (who was moaning so loud I thought we’d get in some trouble from the neighbours) while Brad on all fours sucked my cock and fingered my arse.
  • The three of us in the shower all wearing someone elses speedos (I got the red ones).

It was an amazing night and one of the horniest things I have ever done.

I don’t think I’ll be able to see Brad again before I leave here but we’ll keep in touch.

.....THE END
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