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Yellow Speedo Man
Author - 'Speedo Sam'

It was Tuesday, otherwise known to me as speedo day at my local pool.

I walked into the changing room, most of the cubicle doors were wide open so I chose one towards the pool so I had less of a walk when I was changed, and also most of the lockers that were left were down that end so I chose that area. It was only a small cubicle with a seat; I put my bag on the seat and reached inside. I pulled out my towel, laid it out on the seat and unfolded it. There they lay, my baby blue speedo and my lime green speedo. I tend to bring both pairs when I go swimming because I wear one while I am swimming laps and then another one to wear while I am travelling home, (mainly because I enjoy the feel). I take it in turns to wear either pair for swimming and today it was the turn of the baby blue speedos, just the thought of them, as usual, made my dick begin stir. I removed my shoes and socks, followed by my jeans; I reached for the bottom of my top and pulled it over my head. I stood there in my orange boxer-briefs and looked down at the baby blue speedo. My dick began to stir again, this time clearly visible. I reached for the elastic of the underwear and quickly pulled them down. My dick stood to attention. I was now naked with only 4 thin walls protecting me, the thought of somebody peeking over the top of the wall from the next cubicle helped my hand wander down to the base of my penis and began stroking, quickly I snapped out of my daydream and pulled up the speedo to my now flaccid penis. I packed all my clothes away into my bag and placed them in a locker.

I walked to the showers, there was nobody else there so I quickly rinsed myself and walked to the pool, as I peeked around the corner I was disappointed to see only about half a dozen people in the designated speedo pool and dozens in the normal pool. 2 of the men in the speedo pool must have been over 60 and the other 3 were about 14. Safe to say I was even more disappointed but then I spotted the final person at the end of the pool, he was about 20 and had a slim muscled body and long blonde hair. He climbed out of the pool; he had a bright yellow speedo on, much smaller than mine and barely covered his perky arse. Yet again I could feel my dick begin to grow, immediately I jumped in the water to hide my growing member. I swam laps for about an hour and a half trying to catch this man’s eye to no avail. After diving into the pool once more the 20yo blond rose and pushed himself out of the water and pulled a small wedgie out from his bum, he then headed for the locker room. After a moment of deliberation I chose to follow him. I climbed out of the water and walked quickly to the locker room, my speedo was clinging to me so tightly. Most people had already left the pool as it was getting late, this meant that the locker room was empty, I searched for a good 5 minutes for the man but I couldn’t find him.

Slowly I walked back to my locker and pulled out my things. Most of the cubicles were open but I chose one next to one already being used. It was the one I had got changed in before but I used it to make sure that the lock was ok and not broken. I sat on the seat for a moment and thought about what could have been. I closed my eyes and allowed my hand to stray to my bulge. I began to caress my ever-growing dick; eventually my still soaking wet speedo felt like it was going to burst. With my other hand I pulled the speedo to the side and allowed my cock to spring out to the side, I began to stroke my penis as I thought more and more about the mysterious man in yellow, I tipped my head backwards and opened my eyes. A look of terror sprang across my face. I was looking directly into the eyes of the man in yellow as he was observing me masturbate. Slowly he disappeared behind the wall of the cubicle. I was frozen in position.

Suddenly I heard a knock at the cubicle door. I moved towards to door and opened a gap in it whilst tucking my dick back into my speedo. It was the man in yellow; he pushed to door open slowly and walked in. I moved back slightly. His hand took hold of my bulge and released my penis as he began to kiss me. I was helpless but did not resist as he began to jack me off. I began to moan slightly, as I did this the man reached for the lime green speedo and pushed it into my mouth. I was now gagged. After 2 good minutes of him jacking my already close penis to my edge, he pointed my cock up my body and I exploded an ungodly amount of cum from my pubes up to the top of my chest. I made a feeble attempt to take a deep breath in past my lime green speedos; I looked down to the man's bulging yellow speedo. Quickly the man slipped down his speedo and unleashed his huge manhood, it was a good inch and a half larger than my own, I was dazzled by the size of it. After a few seconds of rest he began wrestling down my now cum soaked baby blue speedos. He spun me around and pushed me down onto the seat. He slowly removed the green speedos from my mouth and began wanking vigorously at my face level. I was totally memorised, the thrusting movements of his hand on his cock kept mine standing up. There was no chance I was going flaccid. Suddenly he let out a small groan and his cum burst from his rock hard dick covering my face and chest. Without a words notice he picked up my green speedo and put it on, barely covering his still rock hard dick, he merely just pushed it to the side opened the cubicle door and walked out. I had to go and retrieve my speedo from him but my blue speedo was covered in cum, I had no choice but to put on his yellow speedo and follow him. The pouch was larger in his speedo, mainly to compensate for his massive dick, but my erection held it in place nicely.

I found him in the showers rinsing himself off, there was nobody else there, as soon as he saw me peek around the corner he peeled the green speedo off and threw it at me leaving him completely naked, his erection had died down by now but mine was still standing firm, I slowly removed the yellow speedo from myself and passed it to him. He walked past me back into the changing rooms and I haven’t seen him since.


.....THE END
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