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Morning Will
Author - Me, Dave 'Speedo' Evans

Well this week I've had one of the tech guys who helps keep this site online stay with me. My tech is a great guy but 100% straights and nothing hanky-panky.

WIth my tech staying in my room from Friday - my roommate Will found a couch at one of his friends place. For 5 days I behaved myself - which means no speedo action. But on Wednesday my tech was going to visit a nearby ski resort and Will had told me he was more than ready to move back in.

So Wednesday morning comes. My tech guy had to leave at 6am for the free shuttle which woke me up. I got up for a bathroom call and knowing that the next person to wake me up would be Will - I changed from my shorts and t-shirt into my new black speedos (just like the ones in the pic below) and went back to sleep.

So come 10am Will gets back and as I wake up I shed the sheets and give him a view of me lying there in nothing but my black speedos.

"Wow Dave, that is exactly what I have been waiting for."

With that, Will takes off his shorts and kicks off his jeans revealing MY aussiebum portseas.

To tell the truth I hadn't even noticed them gone. Will had a guilty grin as he stood over my bed.

"Sorry Dave, I just had to borrow them to remind me of what I will get when I came back home."

"I think I can forgive you, provided you get your speedo clad arse into this bed within the next 3 seconds. 1...."

Will didn't need all 3 seconds to get into my bed. I was lying on my back and Will jumped on me so we were chest to chest and we began kissing. Kissing a guy is always more agressive I think than a girl and Will doesn't hold back and I got a mouthful of his tongue.

The nylon material of the Aussiebums on Will's arse was nice and tight and I'm sure I've mentioned this before but Will has one of the most amazing butts I have even held.

I could feel Will's cock growing, just as mine was. My own cock rather quickly became uncomfortable and I broke off our kiss to adjust myself - Will did the same and just as I reached down between us Will wiggled down the bed until his recently kissed mouth was level with the strained lycra (my speedos are lycra - where as my aussiebums, worn by Will - are nylon) indicated the location of my now fully erect cock.

Before enclosing my cock with his mouth Will rubbed me through the lycra. Leaning on my leg Will used both hands, one on my cock and the other on the underside of my balls.

Ow my god - I LOVE IT when I get anything between my cock and my butthole played with (including my butthole).

All this attention down there was driving me crazy. I grabbed a couple of pillows and sat myself up a little bit so that I could see the action. Along with rubbing all my important parts Will's waist was right on the end of the bed and he was rubbing himself on it. I had an amazing view of his just as amazing butt.

I was nearing the end of what I could handle. Precum was now rather visible on the outside of my speedos and so far my cock was still imprisoned within the lycra of my speedos.

That was it - I started undoing the white drawstring on my speedos and interrupted Will's rubbing motion to free my engorged cock. Will didn't require instructions and started sucking my cock with the same eagerness as he kisses. I barely lasted a minute until I pushed Will's head back and let him double handjob me as I came all over my chest.

What a mess!!!

I pulled up my speedos and retied the drawstring with cum still dripping off my cock. "Cum up here Will." I said wanting to squish all my cum between us.

With his legs straddling me Will moved up and as our chests touched again (ow man Will has an amazing chest) this time my full load of cum was between us - still warm. We began kissing again and the cum that was oozing through my speedos was smearing all over the aussiebums that Will was wearing.

Being careful not to get cum all over my sheets (my Mum isn't here to wash them for me you know) Will and I made out for a good 5 minutes and Will was getting more and more eager to unleash his own load. Me on the other hand I was more than happy to stretch Will's orgasm out. But I've never been too much of a tease and after a couple of times when I thought Will had cum in his speedos as he rubbed against me I told him to kneel and straddle my chest.

With his aussiebums still on Will was straddling my chest and I very very slowly undid the drawstring. A couple of times Will said that he would do it but I wasn't going to let him have it that quickly.

Now my aussiebum portseas have no elastic in the waist so once the drawstring is undone they just flop open. With the drawstring undone - Will's cock was finally free and stood to attention parallel to my cum covered chest.

I gripped Will's cock with my right hand, my left hand was on his right thigh rubbing my cum into it like it was sun lotion. Touching Will's cock for the first time in nearly a week was awesome - first cock I had touched in a week other than my own for that matter. Will was really really horny and wanted to cum so to slow him down I told him to put his hands on his head. If he took his hands off his head I would not touch his cock for 10 seconds.

Stroking Will's cock slowly he begged me to do it properly but he didn't dare removed his hands from his head. I got a good 3 minutes of teasing in before I started jacking him off propertly. From then it was a matter of seconds before Will's cum joined my own all over my chest and the bottom of my chin.


.....THE END
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