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Meeting Chris
Author Adrian

Adrian is a 20yo Bisexual Aussie guy living in Melbourne. When Adrian isn't at uni he is paragliding which he hopes to be able to do 'semi-professionally' - way more fun than his Law Degree.

Before last year I had never really done that much with guys (and to be honest, still haven’t really done that much with guys). I was kinda curious and had been checking out some sites on the net and just chatting to a few guys on the net. Some of the guys wanted to meet up, but I always chickened out!

I started chatting to one guy, Chris, and he seemed pretty nice and was also around my age (20). I added him to my msn and we chatted a bit more whenever he logged on line.

One of the times we were chatting, he had just got back from a swim at a public pool in the city and had mentioned how hot some of the guys were. We got chatting about that and he told me how after a swim he always went and had a shower in the change rooms…often having a wank when he did so. My cock started to stir as he was telling me how, though he had never been caught, he had caught several guys jerking off in the change rooms before. By now, my cock was fully hard at the thought of wandering into the change rooms and seeing guys jerking off. We started talking about how much we loved speedos, how there was nothing sexier then seeing  a tight pair of lycra speedos wrapping around a tight bulge.

Every time Chris logged on, my cock would automatically begin to stir and we would get into hot conversations about speedos. We decided that we should meet up.

One morning, he logged on. We were both hard and horny and we decided that we should meet up. My cock was hard, throbbing at the thought of meeting up with this guy. He gave me his address and told me he would leave the door unlocked, and to just come in. Before I left, I slipped into a tight pair of black speedos. These speedos were actually slightly too small for me, so they really hugged tight around my arse, my hard cock barely being contained in them. I threw on a pair of boardies and T-shirt and drove the 20 minutes to Chris’s house. It was the longest drive of my life. I was hard the entire way, my chest pounding at the thought of what was going to happen.

I pulled up outside his house, it was rented and so was a bit rundown, with the lawns a little unkempt, which only added to the excitement. I got out of the car, adjusted my hard cock and walked up to the front door. I opened the screen door and the front door behind it was slightly ajar. With my heart pounding sooo hard and my stomach swimming in nervousness, I pushed open the door and stepped inside. I had never even met this guy before, let alone been inside his house. I had NO idea what to expect.

As I stepped inside, every door leading off the hallway had been closed. I could hear the sound of water running. I closed the door and took a step forward. I kicked off my thongs, pulled off my shirt and slipped my boardies off. I was now standing in just my tight black speedos, the outline of a semi hard on clearly visible, in a house I had never been in of a guy that I had never met. I was so nervous, yet so incredibly excited! I moved toward the room where the sound of water was coming from. As I reached the door, I paused for a moment then turned the handle and stepped into the bathroom.
I stepped in, turned and saw Chris in the shower, wearing a blue pair of speedos.

We stared at each other for a moment. He looked so hot, standing under the shower, the water running through his brown hair, down over his pecs and wetting his sexy blue speedoes. His speedos weren’t quite as tight as mine, so it allowed his cock to fall forward a little, giving them that sexy look where the guys cock kind of lays in the lycra, instead of being pressed up against it. We gazed at each other for a moment longer, then he broke the silence with a ‘hi’. I replied with a nervous ‘hi’, before he invited me into the shower.

I stepped into the shower, the warm water feeling good as it splashed against my chest. I stepped up to him and he looked at me and pressed himself against me. By this time, my semi hard cock had now returned to a raging hard on, straining against my speedos, he wasn’t fully hard, but I could feel his cock growing against me.  He pressed his body against me, his pecs pushed against mine, his cock pushing against my cock, and he kissed me. I kissed him back, his wet lips feeling sooo good. Our tongues pushed against each other and I wrapped my arms around him, pushing him against the wall of the shower, rubbing my pelvis against his, wildly kissing him. He rubbed his hand up over my pecs then worked his way down my stomach, till he got to my speedos. He rubbed his hand over my hard cock through the speedos. I was still so excited, so it felt even better!! He rubbed my cock through the lycra for a while before pulling back the elastic allowing my cock to poke through. I broke away from his lips and started kissing his chest, circling his nipples on his hard, smooth chest and made my way down to his cock, now fully hard. I ran my tongue over his wet speedos, kissing the outline of his shaft and running my tongue over the outline of his knob through the hot blue lycra.
By now we were both MEGA excited.

He pulled my back up and thrust himself at my lips, kissing my hard and passionately, at the same time thrusting his pelvis towards me and slamming his cock up against my pelvis.

I reached down and slipped my hand into his speedos. It felt so good, the feel of the wet speedos on one side of my hand and the feel of his hard, warm and HUGE cock on the other side of my hand. I pulled his cock out of his speedos and started to pump it, him doing the same to mine. I pressed into him, his back against the shower wall, me pressing against him, kissing him hard as we both jerked each others cocks, groaning with how good it felt.

After a few minutes of pumping each others cocks, he slid himself down and took my cock in his mouth- all of it in his mouth! Out of all the previous girls that I had been with, I had discovered that guys really do give the best head, and this guy was no exception. I had only been blown by one guy before this, and this guy was AWESOME. He worked my cock in my mouth, as I fucked his face. It didn’t take long before I could feel myself getting close and I pulled out of his mouth and pulled him back up, locking lips again, while at the same time, wrapping my hand back around his cock.

We jerked each others cocks for a few more minutes.

Before long, Chris started to fidget, moving his hips and groaning louder, I knew he was about to come. I pumped his cock harder and he blew, spurting his thick cum all over my chest. As soon as he had come, he threw me against the wall and started pumping my cock hard. It didn’t take long and before I knew it, I was also spraying my load over my chest, the water washing his cum and down my chest and mixing it with my freshly milked cum. He pressed himself against me, our cum covered chests rubbing against each other and we kissed for a few more minutes, before turning off the shower.


.....THE END
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