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Friday Blowjob
Author - Me, Dave 'Speedo' Evans

You guys will be glad to hear that Alex did come for a swim with me.

You guys will be glad to hear that Alex and I did suck each other off in the locker room at the pool.

I've had a couple of pool locker room experiences (both are in the stories section on my site and this one was pretty hot.  When I left the house I texted Alex that I'd be at the pool in 20 minutes, he replied back saying he'd be there.  We met in the carpark and Alex has already read yesterday's post.

We walked in, I was wearing just boardies, collared shirt, tennis shoes but Alex was wearing his work clothes, slacks (dress pants) and a button up shirt which was tucked in and black polished shoes.  The staff know us pretty well by now and the pool was pretty quiet and normally we just change by the pool but Alex, rather naughtily, suggested we go to the locker room.

I replied to Alex,

So you read my blog post already hey?


So we went to the change room/locker room, it was empty and we both stripped down to our speedos (Alex was wearing his speedos under his suit pants which is sooooo hot).  The main room of the locker room is pretty bit but it is an open room and neither of us were quiet comfortable enough to get caught there so we both went into the disabled shower which is the biggest.

I turned on the shower, turned around and Alex was there, inside my space (he would soon be inside my mouth, and vice versa).  We started kissing and both of us were straining the front of our speedos pretty quickly, I still had the red Arena speedos on and Alex was wearing a pair of black AussieBum classic speedos.

Breaking off our kiss I told Alex,

We have to be quick.

And with that I placed both of my hands on the top of his head.  I didn't really need to push his head down. Since we didn't have condom or lube (I do have some in the car of course) it was going to be a quick blowjob session.

Alex got on his knees, shower running and I put my back to the wall and adjusted the shower head so Alex could concentrate on my cock. I'm not sure if I mentioned just horny I have been the last couple of days and my only relief has been self inflicted. My cock was rock hard before Alex pulled it out the side of my red Arena speedos.

Since my cock was the first cock that Alex ever sucked I will admit that I have trained him well. Alex's technique is really working the head of my cock with his tongue and lips (lips shouldn't be under rated - they are softer than the tongue). With Alex's right hand, his jerk off hand, he is jerking me off, with his left he is playing with my balls or when I request it, rubbing or fingering my arsehole.

I pretty quickly told Alex to 'finger fuck' me.

And then it wasn't long until I was cumming in his mouth. Another technique that I've enstilled in Alex is that he should swallow and he did. Once he tucked my cock back into my red speedos I pulled Alex up, kissed him and got a taste of my own cum, turned him around and got on my knees.

My oral technique is the same as above. Alex did last longer than I did and while I had my mouth full he told me....

Dave, my girlfriend sucked me off this morning after I ate her out.

Alex knew that saying that would turn me on and I sucked even harder and began rubbing his arsehole.

She is pretty good, but not as good as you Dave.

And I'm getting more and more turned on and wanting to make Alex cum. He did finally cum and I could tell he was getting close as he couldn't control his hips. He couldn't moan out loud like usual because this was a public change room after all. Alex came and I took his entire load which wasn't as much as usual for the reason mentioned above.

I tucked Alex back into his AussieBum's and got off my knees. We were both smiling and kissed briefly. Alex said,

We should get out there or this will look weird.

Since my cock was now only semi-hard I threw my clothes back on and ducked out of the change rooms and went to the far end of the pool where I normally get unchanged. I jumped in and started doing some laps. Within a length or so I noticed Alex in the lane next to me. We have been swimming 1900m which is half what Alex is training for. We both swam that distance at about the same pace, I swam up to the end closest to the change rooms and waited for Alex to finish.

Alex finished his swim and I was waiting for him hanging onto the lane ropes..

Hope that helps with your horny issue Dave. I better get back to work. BBQ at your place Sunday arvo right?

With that I watched Alex climb out of the pool and I got a very taastey view of his speedo clad arse. Alex walked to the change rooms and I swam to the other end of the pool.


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