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  • The Married Guy - Fucks Me.... HARD!!!
    Written October 2017
    (speedos, anal, first time, cum)
    This was the second part of my first sexual experience with the Married Guy who I met at the pool. He had never fucked a guy before and he pounded me hard
  • The Married Guy - Sucks Me Off
    This is something that is going on right now in my life and I wanted to share it with you guys (it is exclusive to members because I want to give you guys the goodies as well as not making this 100% public). So far I've written two parts to this - firstly a bit of an intro and secondly, our first sexual encounter. There is much more I want to write about which I'll be publishing here first for you guys.
  • AussieBum Movies
    Lately I've added a bunch of movies featuring guys wearing AussieBum speedos. It is random but I love it!!! Check out the latest 2 AussieBum speedo sex movies at the bottom of this page.
  • Girl in blue ADIDAS swimsuit
    The bisexual section of the site is not for everyone but it is nice for a bit of a change. It was a bisexual 'two guys and a girl' threesome that caused me to start writing my blog (click here to read that story). Here is a photo gallery and short movie of a girl wearing a blue ADIDAS swimsuit sucking, fucking and being cummed on in the pool locker room. Click here for the bisexual page - and if you guys like it I can add more to that area of the site.
  • Lake Powell Threesome
    Last June I was invited to a bachelor party on Lake Powell. Kip and I had a blast hanging out in speedos the entire time and we also had a blast with one of the other guests, Jason. Jason also loved speedos.
  • Amateur Jerk Off Movies
    I've had some members, wanna be members and some speedo mates send me videos of them jerking off in speedos and I thought I'd share some of those movies with you guys. I've created a new movies section just for speedo selfie movies. If you'd like to contribute, drop me an email.
  • Cute Aussie Couple
    Another great movie and photo shoot featuring two really cute young Aussie guys. They start in their speedos, then suck cock for 10 minutes (I would have only lasted 2 before loosing my load) and then they fuck bareback for 10 minutes. It is a really hot scene!!! Click here for the gallery (93 pics) or click here for the movie.
  • Alex
    Alex is a guy who hangs out with my crew here in Aussie. He seems 100% str8, has a girlfriend but when we ran into each other, in speedos, at the local pool, I found out he has been a member of this site and is keen to explore some gay fantasies that he has had for a while. These experiences that I've written about in depth are for
    - Fucking Alex for the First Time
    - Alex's First Gay Experience
    - Alex's Sexual Bucket List
    - Alex's First Threesome

That is all from me guys - feel free to drop me an email if you want to know about any updates.

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Daddy and his Speedo Twink
Movie Length:
24 mins and 25 secs
Description: After a hard day looking at colleges, this twink and his Dad's best friend chill out in the hottub. They look great in their speedos and the twink worships the bears fat cock. OMG he gets pounded!!!
Speedo Massage
Movie Length:
20 mins and 28 secs
Description: Enjoy watching this Daddy and his son fucking each other after a massage. The anal is hardcore and they both end up covered in each others cum. Talk about a happy ending..

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