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Tylers First Gay Experience
Author - Me, Dave 'Speedo' Evans

Tuesday: Last night I received an email from a blog fan who still has his gay virginity. I would never share his real name unless he wanted me to, which he doesn’t, so I’ll call him Tyler.

Tyler lives up here and knows some of my friends. I think he knows Alex but doesn’t ‘know’ who or which of the guys is Alex.

Turns out that like Alex when I met him, Tyler has had some gay fantasies, loves speedos but has never done anything with a guy (he did have a threesome with another guy and his girlfriend but there was no guy/guy contact). Tyler recently (2 weeks ago) broke up with a long time girlfriend and is thinking that this is his chance to explore some of his gay fantasies.

After following closely how Alex has opened up to his gay side, Tyler reached out to me to see if I’d help.

Since helping Alex turned out to be pretty hot I think ‘helping’ Tyler could be fun.

He wants to take things slow so we are going to meet for lunch first.

Ow and he was a clubbie (surf life saving club athlete) so he grew up wearing speedos and he said that it was speedos and other guys in speedos which were his first ‘gay’ stirrings. Clubbies are hot and from the pics that Tyler has sent me he kinda fits that mold.

Wednesday: Lunch yesterday went well, Tyler was nervous but by the end we were like old friends.

I didn’t want to put him on the spot so told him to get back to me with how he wants to progress with his first gay experience. I didn’t think anything was going to happen yesterday and Tyler admitted that he had jerked off twice that morning he was so horny just about meeting me.

If and when the time comes I was thinking:

  • He could come over my place and we could just sit around in speedos until something ‘happens’.
  • He could join Alex and I for a swim on Friday and the three of us could play in the change rooms.
  • Hmmm – when I started this list I thought I had more ideas.

Here are some pics I found of guys who look surprisingly like Tyler….. yeah he is that hot.

Looks Like Tyler

Tyler also said that he owns a pair of black lycra speedos and a pair of the Terrigal SLSC speedos which are blue. I haven’t been able to get my hands on a pair of those surf club speedos.

Thursday: So Tyler touched base with me last night and told me that for his first time he’d love to watch Alex and I and then maybe join in.

I’m pretty sure if his first gay experience is a threesome with Alex and I…. he will not be returning to the str8 side.

Guys wearing black speedosSounds like fun to me but I’m between a little bit of a rock and a hard place. I’m pretty sure Tyler and Alex know each other but neither of them are sure who the other guy is since Tyler and Alex aren’t their real names. Both guys are completely in the closet, Alex has a long term girlfriend as well.

So I’m not sure how I tell each of them who each of them are. Also, I kinda think I need to tell them before they meet for a speedo threesome just incase they don’t like each other.

I’ll figure it out. And when I do, I might see if Alex can come over for Friday lunch and the three of us can speedo it up, Alex and I can fool around and Tyler can join in for his first man/man/man experience.

Friday Morning: Both guys agreed that they would just meet at my house and since they went to different high schools and were a year apart there shouldn’t be any problems.

My plan is for Alex to arrive a little before Tyler and for us to be in our speedos on my bed making out. I’ll leave the door unlocked (it is always unlocked, I can’t remember when I last locked it) so Tyler can let himself in, strip down to his speedos and then come and watch Alex and I in bed. Alex and I will try and not get things too hot until we know Tyler is there watching.

Hopefully it won’t take long for Tyler to join us.

Since Tyler has a pair of black lycra speedos, I’m thinking that all three of us will wear the same.

Three guys, wearing black lycra speedo brand speedos….. I am hard right now thinking about it.

Friday Afternoon: OK, I just got out of the shower. Before that I went for a quick dip in the ocean (only wearing my stained black speedos) so I think I have all the cum off of me and I think you guys are eager to hear what happened. It kinda worked, and it kind of didn't.

I've had a few experiences with guys first gay experiences and I've had mixed results, some guys chickened out, some guys came in like 2 seconds, some guys drank too much before hand and were just sloppy. I suppose I've had a similar mix with threesomes as well, people get nervous and I'm sure I'm guilty of some of those things when I had 'first experiences'. This being the case I tried to make it as easy as possible for Tyler, make him feel comfortable and let him do things at his own pace.

You guys know the plan, Alex and I were going to be on my bed and Tyler was going to come in, watch and join in.

Alex arrived right on time, he walked into the house (the door is never unlocked), found me sitting at my breakfast bar wearing only a pair of black lycra, speedo brand speedos. We had about 15 minutes before Tyler was supposed to arrive so I poured Alex a coffee, he stripped down to his black speedos and we just stood around the kitchen talking.

While we were in the kitchen I heard a car pull up so we both quickly moved into my bedroom.

Jizzing in SpeedosAlex and I just started making out in our speedos and since we had only really hooked up once since I got back from my trip to the US we were both up for it and were getting into it. We were both hard, our hands all over each other, I personally love feeling a guys butt in a pair of speedos and it was then that I noticed Tyler standing in the bedroom doorway, wearing nothing but a black speedo, rubbing his lycra covered speedo with his right hand.

From the size of the bulge in Tylers speedo it looked like he was enjoying the show just as much as we were in performing it.

Now I will admit that Alex has an amazing arse (his whole body is amazing) and I wanted to give Tyler the best view possible, and try and entice him to join in. So I motioned for Alex to get on his knees, between my knees and start working my cock.

The view that Tyler had would have been to die for. Alex's speedo covered butt pointing at him while he rubbed and licked the front of my speedo. I wasn't going to last too long like this that I can promise you and as it turned out.... Tyler wasn't going to last long either.

Speedo Btts

With my moaning and Alex slurping the front of my speedo (I didn't want him to pull my cock out just yet), I nearly didn't hear Tyler give out a moan and a gasp. I looked over at him, not 3 paces from me (my bedroom isn't very big) and I saw him spasm, then the front of his speedo go a little bit darker where the head of his cock is and then I saw the white cum oozing through the lycra.

Jizzing in SpeedosSeeing the jizz spread over the front of Tyler's black speedo put me over the edge.

Alex was focusing on my cock so he wasn't watching Tyler but he knew I was getting close. I let out a louder moan and starting filling the inside of my speedo with a full load of cum!

I'm not sure if Tyler saw my "O" face but when I finally calmed down a little bit from my orgasm I looked at the doorway and Tyler was gone.

Not the first guy in history to cum and then flee.

I've often wondered why after orgasm we change our mind on things compared to pre-orgasm. I figured Tyler just needed some time and at that exact moment, Alex was super horny so I had to deal with that. Since there we were responsible for 2 pairs of ruined black speedos, why not make it 3.

Alex and I swapped positions, my cock softening in their now damp with cum speedo.

Cumming in SpeedosI'm not a huge 'talk dirty' during sex kind of guy but I wanted Alex to know how proud I was of him and how far he has come being comfortable in gay situations. While I rubbed the front of Alex's black speedo with my hands and my mouth I was talking dirty saying what a gay boy he has become.

With one hand I was rubbing Alex's arsehole through his speedo and with my other hand and mouth I was stroking the entire length of his cock, again through his speedo. It took a little while but Alex began moaning louder, started really thrusting his hips and then he started unloading inside his speedo.

For the third time in 15 minutes, I saw the front of a speedo begin to ooze cum.

Thankfully, that isn't the end of the story.

A couple of hours after Alex left to go back to work..... Tyler called me, apologized for ducking out, then came back over wearing his blue Surf Life Saving speedos and this time I got to suck his cock.

But that story is members only right now. If you liked this, there is an entire library of my own speedo inspired sexual experiences.

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