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Fucking the Swim Coach
Author - Me, Dave 'Speedo' Evans

On Tuesday night I went to a Masters Swim Squad training session.  This was the second time I've gone along and I'm enjoying it.  Most of the people are in their forties training for triathlons and I've been the youngest guy there both times.  While I don't think I need much motivation to get me to the pool to do laps, the training is different to what I do when I train on my own.

The first week I thought I was getting hit on by this married couple (guy and girl).  They asked me to join them for a beer after training and I couldn't make it that first week but I did the second.  They were hitting on me and we ended up back at their place. What I want to tell you guys about is what happened on Thursday night.

The coach for the Masters swimming program is a mid twenties guy, I'll call him Aiden here but that isn't his real name. I think that is the least I can do for him considering he is allowing me to share it with you guys.

The first night I went along to the training session I didn't know anyone.  I got there a little early and when checking in to the pool I asked who the coach was and Aiden was pointed out to me.  I got changed quickly (all I had to do to get changed was to remove my shoes, shirt and shorts since I was wearing my speedos).  It was a swim training session so I assumed speedos would be appropriate.  Out to the pool were a couple of people mingling with Aiden,  I walked up and introduced myself.

Aiden is hot.  My height and the dirty blonde hair, stereotypical Aussie guy who spends his summer on the beach or in the pool.  I've since been told that Aiden was a top swimmer in high school and college, I could tell he still has that swimmers physique despite him wearing clothes.

I was not wearing clothes, just standing there in a speedo with my swimming goggles in hand.  A little weird but nobody seemed to think anything of it.  Aiden and I chatted a little, he asked me how my swimming was, if I could do all the strokes.  My usual training swim is two kilometers in a little under forty minutes.  Sometimes I swim further, sometimes (particularly if I'm hung over) I shorten it a little.  I have tried the butterfly stroke but can not claim to be proficient at it which Aiden laughed at and said that wouldn't be necessary.

He asked what I was looking to get out of the Masters Swimming program: I'm not training for anything in particular but am interested to see how my training compares to other people and I'm receptive to my swimming stroke being critiqued.

A few other people introduced themselves to me before we jumped in the pool for a four hundred meter warm up.

My swimming pace was probably middle of the group and I held my own.  Aiden did pull me aside about half way through the session and said that on the freestyle down stroke the technique these days is straight down the body instead of an S shape which I learnt growing up.  I tried that and made my stroke a bit quicker which was great.

It was that first night when I felt like I was being hit on by a couple.  As I mentioned earlier, I couldn't join them for beers that night but it turned out my gut feeling was correct, they were hitting on me.

Two weeks go by before I can make the training session again.  I have beers and sex with the couple that were hitting on me.  During that experience (which you can read) Aiden, the swim coach, came up in conversation.  The couple had fucked him a year or so ago.  What?  Holy cow!!!  They confirmed that Aiden has an amazing body but he had only joined them twice and he was pretty much exclusively gay so a male/female couple wasn't really his thing.

Aiden didn't seem gay to me and the couple explained that he is completely in the closet and spends most weekends in Sydney where is he much more 'out'.  The Married Couple gave me his number and encouraged me to message him for a hookup.

I didn't think that would be appropriate but would keep it in mind, I would also be keeping an eye out to see if he was checking me out at training.

That reasoning lasted until I woke up on Thursday morning.  I was super horny, lying in bed and I thought, why not?  I texted Aiden "Hi Aiden, this Dave, new guy at Masters Squad Training.  Jim and Julie (Married Couple) gave me your number, thought you might be interested in hooking up."

I know that was a little bold and I thought that if he doesn't appreciate the text then I might not be able to go to the swim training session ever again.  But I was horny, really horny.

Despite my erection, I managed to nod off to sleep again.  I was woken up by my phone beeping with a new text message.  It had to be from Aiden but would it be good or bad or really bad?

I still have the text message and here it is: "Can you host tonight? Discretion is paramount."

That counts as an AWESOME response.  I was relieve and even more horny.  I texted back "I can host, here is my address......, discretion is important to me.  I'm Aussie Speedo Guy, I'll keep your secret if you promise to keep mine."

"Cya at 9pm" was the reply I received less than a minute later.

Wow!!!  I was going to fuck, or be fucked by the swim coach.  That night.  I was lying in bed with a monster erection, how was I going to last the eleven hours until Aiden was due?

I jumped out of bed, quick bathroom break and ran down the beach and jumped in the ocean.  I had to wait a minute so there wasn't anyone walking too close because the front of my speedo was being stretched.  The swim cooled me a down a little bit.  I spent the day working, went for a run, had a surf with the boys (my straight friends who have no idea that I am Aussie Speedo Guy), had a light dinner and then it was nine o'clock.  I had managed to contain my erection for the eleven hours.

Everything was ready; the house was tidy, the curtains were drawn, I had condoms and lube out and when the door bell rang, I opened it wearing only the black speedos I had worn to swim training (I wanted Aiden to recognize me haha).

Aiden and I shook hands, just like we did the first time we met with me wearing very little and him in shorts and a t-shirt.  I find it funny when I meet guys for a hookup and we greet each other with a handshake, knowing full well that we'll be balls deep inside each other within five minutes.

It might have been closer to within three minutes before I was inside Aiden.

The Married Couple had told me that he is a bottom and I was fully erect in my speedo when I opened the door so I was ready to fuck.  Aiden made some comment about waking up this morning not imagining that he'd get fucked by Aussie Speedo Guy but I can't remember exactly what he said because he was stripping out of his clothes.

There was no foreplay, no kissing, no nothing.  Aiden stripped naked, walked over to the couch and bent over offering me his arsehole.  I popped my cock out the leg of my speedo, got a condom on in record time, quick glob of lube and I had my hands on his hips.  Maybe it had only been two minutes from us shaking hands.  I checked that Aiden was ready and slowly slid my cock into him.  While I wanted to just pound away but I knew that after being horny all day I had to go slow otherwise it would all be over in a matter of strokes... like two strokes.  I'm not kidding, I was that horny.  You know what I mean.

This wasn't Aiden's first time, my cock slid half of its length into him and he was moaning in pleasure and moving his hips backwards wanting to make more of my cock.  I pulled half the length of my cock back, slowly letting everything get nicely lubed, then I slid my entire length into him.

Aiden wanted more.  I paused at the extent of my thrust, we were like one body.  My hips were up against his butt cheeks and my highs were against the back of his thighs, my hands were gripping his hips as I got every last millimeter of my cock into him.  Then I started sliding back out.  It felt like my cock had never been so hard and sliding it out of him took forever.  Pausing, I kept the tip in, just the tip.  Aiden was begging me to fuck him but I needed the break.  I decided to give him five long, deep thrusts.  One, two, three, four and on five I let the tip of my cock get squeezed out of his arse.

More, more, was all that Aiden could say, don't worry I was going to give him more but I turned him over and directed him to sit on the couch.  Aiden figured out what I was intending and sat on the edge of the couch and spread his legs and I knelt between his legs.

This was the first time I had seen Aiden shirtless from the front, and he was ripped.  I ran my hands down his hairless chest, over his rippled tummy (which didn't have an ounce of fat on it), down past his belt line to the base of his cock.  Like his chest, Aiden was completely smooth and had shaved or waxed very recently as I didn't get any hint of stubble.  His cock was about the same size as mine and cut.  He was fully erect and I gripped his cock with my right hand and I used my left to guide my cock to the entrance of Aiden's arse.  As the tip (just the tip) came in contact with his arsehole, Aiden wrapped his legs around my waist encouraging me to enter him.  The alignment was right and I slipped back inside him.

This time I couldn't hold back and once I started plowing Aiden I had to let go of his cock and grabbed his hips with both hands.  I went to town on his arse.

I knew I wouldn't take long but when Aiden reached up and pulled my head to kissing me I exploded.  We managed to keep kissing while I came but it was a little tricky.  It was an amazing orgasm and before it was over I took my tongue out of Aiden's mouth, slid my cock out of his arse and took his cock in my mouth.

As I moved my head down towards his cock I could see Aiden's arsehole pulsing as it recovered from the fucking I just gave it.

Now, I was sucking Aiden's cock furiously.  His hands were on the back of my head and he was moaning and thrusting his hips, literally fucking my mouth.  My left hand was rubbing his balls and my right was stroking the base of his cock up and down while my lips and tongue worked the head of his penis.  Aiden gave me warning of his impending orgasm and for the first time since tasting his cock I looked up at him.  Still stroking his cock and rubbing his balls, I let his cock out of my mouth and had it just outside of it.  My mouth was open and as I looked at Aiden he let out a moan and less than a second later the first rope of cum flew from his cock into the back of my mouth.  Aiden watched the entire thing.

I was hungry for his cum and wrapped my lips around the head of Aiden's cock and sucked all of that cum down, I didn't miss a drop.

The sounds of his orgasm gave no doubt as to how much Aiden enjoyed that.

Finally I took his cock out of my mouth and looked up at Aiden from my position between his legs.  We were both smiling and Aiden thanked me.  I know it is corny but I did say "Thank you coach."

The two of us had a shower to clean up a little bit and after drying off Aiden was more than happy to wear a speedo for me (yes I have a speedo fetish).  I poured us both a drink and we were chatting, it didn't last long before we were making out again.

For round two I directed Aiden to my bedroom.  To be honest it was round two and round three.



To be continued....
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