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With the 'brand new' high speed server online and current bandwidth usage at just over 15%, now I have the ability to give those of you who aren't members a chance to see what the members see.

Check out five very hot sample movies below.  And when you are done - check out the entire movies archive. This is a list of every movie available for download.

Here are some short sample movie clips - I change these every week so check back next week for some more hot speedo movie samples.

Daddy and his Speedo Twink
Movie Length:
24 mins and 25 secs
Description: After a hard day looking at colleges, this twink and his Dad's best friend chill out in the hottub. They look great in their speedos and the twink worships the bears fat cock. OMG he gets pounded!!!

Red Speedo College Guy
Movie Length:
22 mins and 34 secs
Description: Just the warm up of this full length video. This college guy looks amazing in his red speedos, perfect swimmers body. You'll notice at the end of this sample clip someone else enters the shot.... things get pretty hot but you'll have to be a member to watch the rest. It is worth it!!!

Muscle Guys Love Speedos
Movie Length:
22 mins and 19 secs
Description: A couple of muscled speedo Gods just hanging out at the pool and low and behold.... things turn naughty. These guys don't fuck around, when it comes to fucking around. Another fantastic speedo movie.

Muscled Speedo Guys

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Model Shoots
Sydney Gay Waterpolo Team

Sydney Waterpolo Team,

My mate Brenton Parry (from is a wonderful photographer and when a gay waterpolo team from his home town of Sydney asked for some team photos... Brenton delivered.

This is the only place you can see all of these photos in high def and I really appreciate Brenton allowing me to share these with you guys.

I think I'm going to have to take up waterpolo - these guys are gorgeous!!!

Links - Photo Shoot (18 photos)

Meet Luke,

This was the first shoot for a new photographer who contacted me recently saying how much he loves guys in speedos and had some mates who would be interested in modelling.

Luke (26yo) is hot and strips out of his speedos to finger himself while he jerks off for the camera.

Great pics of Luke in his navy speedos in the shower. Luke strips down and jerks off while fingering himself. Just the way I do it - hehehe.

What do you think of the new photographers work? I like it!!!

Links - Luke's Photo Shoot (110 photos)



Bill wearing green speedos.

My own sexual experiences

MMF Threesome

I love writing and I love sex, so combining the two is something I really enjoy. Over the years I've written about my sexual experiences in great detail and it is something I share with members of this site.

There is quite a library growing and I also have lots of stories that have turned me on, some written by other members.

I'd like to show you what my stories are like by sharing my first experience with Alex. Alex is a str8 acting guy who is just exploring his 'gay side'. He has been a member before he ever knew that one of his 'backyard cricket mates'.

  • Tylers First Gay Experience - FREE STORY
    Written May 2015
    (MMM, speedos, oral, first time)

    After breaking up with a long time girlfriend, Tyler wanted to explore some of the long held gay fantasies that had. I arranged for Alex to come over as well for Tylers for time as he watched the two of us.
  • Sex Safari - Byron Bay Foursome
    Written September 2015
    (MMMM, speedos, anal, group)

    A member of this site, and his boyfriend were travelling Australia's East Coast and Alex and I caught up with them on our Sex Safari. Alex got fucked by all three of us consecutively.
  • Fivesome
    Written February 2015
    (MMMMM, speedos, anal, group, oral, bondage, hottub)

    Kip arranged an amazing fivesome for me a couple of days after arriving in Breckenridge. One of my most amazing sexual experiences and I'm happy to share it with you guys.
  • Friday Foursome
    Written January 2015
    (MMMM, speedos, anal, group, oral)

    After my first time with a member of this site I was able to arrange a foursome with Alex, Tim, fan and myself. The fan loved the stories about Alex and he loved fucking him too.
  • Lockerroom Blowjob
    Written December 2014
    After a few days being super horny Alex suggested we duck into the locker room before out Friday swim. Alex's technique was great and I was super horny, just a locker room quickie.
  • Kip's Beach Experience
    Written September 2014
    Kip mentioned the other day that he hasn't seen many 'aussie speedo guys' but that all changed today when we went up to a nude/swingers beach I know of.
  • Alex Tied up and Fucked
    Written July 2014
    (MM, speedos, anal, anal play, toys, oral, rimming)
    Being tied up and fucked is part of Alex's sexual bucket list and today I got to fuck him. Lots and lots of anal play with toys, rimming and finally I was balls deep.
  • Alex's First Threesome
    Written June 2014
    (MMM, speedos, oral, anal, orgy)
    Three horny speedoguys at the beach on a Friday afternoon. alex's first threesome turned out to be amazing and he ticked off a couple of things on his sexual bucket list.
  • Alex's Sexual Bucket List
    Written May 2014
    (MM, speedos, oral)
    I thought that maybe Alex was getting cold feet when he told me me wanted to come over for a 'chat'. I didn't need to be worried, Alex is confused but dealing with it. His 'sexual' bucket list is going to be fun and we ticked off him sucking his first cock.
  • First time with Alex
    Written April 2014
    (MM, speedos, oral, masturbation)
    Alex is a str8 guy who is a friend of a friend and I ran into him at the pool. Turns out Alex has a huge speedo fetish but this was his first time with another guy. Hopefully the first installment of many hot experiences with Alex.
  • Grindr'ing Mr. Aussie Visitor
    Written June 2012
    (MM, oral, anal, rim)
    I was horny after working on some new movies for this site and I was about to go for a wank but got on Grindr and 15 minutes later I was having my cock sucked by an Aussie guy visiting town on my steps.
  • Hottub Foursome
    Written March, 2012
    (MMMM, anal, oral, group)
    Celebrating St. Paddy's day in Colorado with a hottub and 3 other guys. Kip sucking my cock and me getting slammed hard!!!
  • Husband Sucking My Cock
    Written September, 2011
    (MMF, bisexual, threesome, oral)
    My threesome with a hot Queenstown swinging couple results in the husband being forced to suck my cock..
  • Caught Masturbating.... Again
    Written August 2009
    (M/M,masturbation, shower)
    Getting caught in the swimming locker room in my red speedos masturbating in the shower. We had planned it and it was really hot.
  • Voyeurism... Watching 2 Guys Fuck
    Written March 2009
    (MMM, voyeurism)
    Although I didn't get to join Ryan and Jazza but I suppose I did when they invited me home to watch them fuck each other.

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