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My Speedo Fetish

Growing up in Australia, people wore speedos and it was no big deal. But when I started to explore my sexuality, speedos somehow came to play a part in my exploration.....

  • My very first sexual experience was with another guy and we were both wearing speedos (I've written about and you can follow this link and read about it (my first sexual experience).
  • The hottest sexual experience of my life to date, a bisexual MMF threesome in a steamroom, involved both us guys wearing speedos (sorry, that is for members only - click here to become a member).
  • Right now I probably own over 100 pairs of speedos, some I wear swimming at the pool, some are far too naughty for wearing in public.

If you have a speedo fetish, or you just like hot guys then I think you are going to enjoy my site. Have a look around and drop me an email if you have any question/thoughts/ideas.

Cute Aussie Couple
Cute Aussie Couple

This is the photo set from a profession shoot featuring two young Aussie guys from Melbourne.

I'm told it was filmed at the pool of a Melbourne gym after hours and everyone involved was looking over their shoulder in case they got caught.

The two young guys are really cute and look great in their speedos.

Enjoy this sample photos shoot, and if you are a member, enjoy the 25 minute video.

- Photo Shoot
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Speedo Photo of the Day
Gay Photo Shoot

The Speedo Photo of the Day is taken from the members archive of photos. 

There are just under 7,000 photos available to members.

Speedo Photo of the Day

Members News

  • Data Center Outage
    On Easter Monday there was a fire at my data center where this site is hosted. Click here to read the details. My sites were offline until the Wednesday when Kip and I loaded the backups.

    Sorry for this outage. Everything is back up and running 100% and I have a backlog of new movies that I was working on. Any concerns or questions please shoot me an email (email was offline during the outage but is back now).

  • Three Poker Dad's Fuck Me
    This is an experience of one of the sites long time members. Because of the COVID he had to move back to his home town and ended up meeting some of his friends Dad's who host a 'poker' night. They tell their wives it is a poker night....

  • Fucked By 10 Men
    I was invited to one of Alex and Adam's sex parties which are always fun. This time, I was the center of attention. I was tied to a stool in the middle of the room, surrounded by ten men who took turns fucking my brains out. One of my most hardcore sexual experiences for sure.

  • Bisexual Collection
    This part of the site is a little bit random. It is a collection of movies and photo galleries of threesomes and girls in lycra speedo swimsuits. I've just added a video of a guy in red speedos getting blown by a cute chick poolside. Check it out and let me know what you think and if you like it or what else you would like me to add to this.

  • Included
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Speedo Students Hottub Session
Movie Length:
25 mins and 33 secs
Description: This is probably my favourite of the Hawaii Speedo Student's sex scenes. He is in the hottub with another super cute young guy and their hands do some wandering... and then they get down to business..

Daddy and his Speedo Twink
Movie Length:
24 mins and 25 secs
Description: After a hard day looking at colleges, this twink and his Dad's best friend chill out in the hottub. They look great in their speedos and the twink worships the bears fat cock. OMG he gets pounded!!!


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Speedo Photo of the Day

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