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My Speedo Fetish

Growing up in Australia, people wore speedos and it was no big deal. But when I started to explore my sexuality, speedos somehow came to play a part in my exploration.....

  • My very first sexual experience was with another guy and we were both wearing speedos (I've written about and you can follow this link and read about it (my first sexual experience).
  • The hottest sexual experience of my life to date, a bisexual MMF threesome in a steamroom, involved both us guys wearing speedos (sorry, that is for members only - click here to become a member).
  • Right now I probably own over 100 pairs of speedos, some I wear swimming at the pool, some are far too naughty for wearing in public.

If you have a speedo fetish, or you just like hot guys then I think you are going to enjoy my site. Have a look around and drop me an email if you have any question/thoughts/ideas.

Adam Jakubowski
Adam Jakubowski

I received an email from a photographer who thought I might like some of his photo shoots and this is the first one that I've aquired.

The model is a young Polish guy, Adam Jakubowski. He prides himself on being a socail influencer (I don't quite understand that) but he is a good looking guy and I love the Addicted speedos that he wears in some of his photo shoots.

If you guys like it, I'm sure I can get some more.

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Gay Photo Shoot

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Speedo Photo of the Day

Members News

  • Movies Archive Remastered
    Earlier this week I was watching (enjoying) one of the movies I added about 10 years ago. After I made a mess of the landlords blue speedos (yeah I still have them), I decided to update that video in the archives. It has opened a can of worms and I've now remastered 5 videos in the last day.

    The quality of these older videos isn't as good, but the action is hot. Please let me know what you think about the remastered videos, if you guys love them of hate them let me know.

    Three Speedo Men video below is the movie I was enjoying.

  • Blowing My Landlord
    I recently moved up to Queensland and my landlord and his wife have been great. He and I would often have a beer in the apartment complex pool (yes we both wore speedos). One night after a few beers The Landlord confessed to me that when he was a younger man he fooled around with guys. So far I've written about two experiences I've had with The Landlord and I bet there will be more.

  • Fucked By 10 Men
    I was invited to one of Alex and Adam's sex parties which are always fun. This time, I was the center of attention. I was tied to a stool in the middle of the room, surrounded by ten men who took turns fucking my brains out. One of my most hardcore sexual experiences for sure.

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Pool Foursome
Movie Length:
27 mins and 28 secs
Description: This is a no holes bared hardcore pool foursome. No foreplay in this foursome, the video starts with two guys on their knees and goes from there. Two guys look great in their speedos..

Pool Fourway

Pressure to wear a Speedo
Movie Length:
46 mins and 44 secs
Description: The premise of this movie is a brother-in-law being pressured by 2 gay guys to wear speedos instead of dork shorts. It is pretty hot these three guys in speedos and a str8 guy being speedo'd.

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